Option Agreements - An Alternative To Selling

Option Agreements - An Alternative To Selling

Make money from the property without owning it!

There is more to the housing market than mortgages, loans, interest rates, and bad tenants. If you’d like to explore other avenues which allow you to make a profit from property, then read the following property advice and option agreements page below. Even if you have very little money to play with, option agreements are still a viable way of controlling multi-million properties with less risk than normal property investment.

As a system for buying properties using a lease option, option agreements have been commonly used in some of the countries for the last 3 decades. However, although some countries are more skeptical of this technique, HelpOnProperty is happy to summarise the benefits of option agreements and how they could be a viable system for you.

Simple and hugely successful, here are the main advantages of using option agreements:

  • No need to apply for a mortgage.
  • There is no need for a property valuation.
  • The price agreed at close can meet the property's complete market value.
  • You have the choice of making a positive cash flow rental or a non-refundable 'option fee' straight away.
  • You are not obliged to complete the deal and own the property.

Option Agreements - How do Option Agreements work?

When it comes to option agreements you have more flexibility and less obligation to buy than regular mortgage investments. In other words, once you sign an option contract you have the right to choose whether to buy or not – the decision is yours. From an INR 10,00,000 house to a multi-million-rupees development, investors can put down 'options' on any type of property without huge amounts of money in the bank.

Why Choose An Option Agreement?

Unlike many property investment techniques where the investor generally needs large sums of money to invest, option agreements are different as they don't require an investor to take out a mortgage to control a property. Basically, once you have a property 'option' you can put the property aside for anything up to 2 years or more with the choice of either selling on or assigning the option at a later date. This means although you don't own the property you can still make money from it without buying it outright.

What's more, if you don't own the property but have the 'option', it means there is less stress as there is also less paperwork, inspections, estate agents, and finance applications to deal with.

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