Real Estate Selling Tips

Real Estate Selling Tips

We live in our homes one way, and we market them in another. Just as builders have long recognized that a finished, clean and uncluttered display home enhances its value, properly preparing your home for sale will give a competitive edge.

Preparing your Home for Sale

If you're selling your home, it may take some hard work and expense to get your home ready for sale, but it could help get a faster and better result. Remember, you are in control of the market value of your property.

Buyers are impressed if all areas of the property and all rooms are clean and tidy. It is therefore worth investing in a thorough cleaning of windows, floors and the interior of all rooms.

Your property will appear bigger and more spacious if you remove all the bulky and unnecessary items. This may include cleaning surfaces and the interior of wardrobes, as well as cleaning and pruning the garden. All of these things will increase the value of your home.

Whether you are still in the planning phase or have already put your property for sale, we believe the following information will be helpful to you.


When marketing your home for sale, the first impression is crucial, and an inviting exterior ensures interior inspection. It is a good exercise to walk past your house on the opposite side of the street. Stop and take a look at what kind of perspective a buyer would have as a first impression.

Some things to note:

  • Driveway: Repair cracks, remove weeds or oil, clear obstructions.
  • Paths: Clear and weed, clean surfaces.
  • Lawns: Watered, mown, and neatly trimmed at edges.
  • Gardens: Garden beds neat and weeded, some flowers for color.
  • Shrubs and Trees: Trimmed and not overhanging.
  • Letterbox: Replace/repair the damage, check numbers are clear.
  • Guttering: Free from rust and leaks, clean out if necessary.
  • Gates: Repair damaged areas and hinges.
  • Fencing: Sound and in good repair.
  • The Yard: Free of rubbish and garden clutter.
  • Sheds: Replace/repair damaged cladding, remove all unnecessary items.
  • Garage: Check doors/openers work properly, remove unnecessary items.
  • Outside Lighting: Check that it works, replace missing globes.
  • House exterior: Repair damaged areas repaint where necessary.
  • Windows: Replace/repair broken frames, check sashes and locks.
  • Roofs: Free of rust/broken tiles. Repaint if necessary.
  • Decks / Verandahs: Repair/replace damaged rails and rotten timber.
  • Stairs: Clear, repair/replace damaged or worn areas.
  • Under the House: Remove clutter, keep surfboards, bikes, etc tidy.

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