Sell Your House - Need a reputable real estate agent?

Sell Your House - Need a reputable real estate agent?

Do you know that over 15% of homeowners sell their property without a real estate agent?

Selling your house using online property listing websites is now as effective as using a real estate agent, with one substantial difference... you don't pay any commission to the agent. That's a typical saving of 2% of the property price.

Guide to selling your home includes:

  • Selling - Options & Costs?
  • Agent or the Internet?
  • Reducing My Costs
  • What is My Home Worth?
  • The 6 Myths of Agents Marketing my Property

So, do you want to sell your property for the best price, within a given time frame and with the minimum amount of hassle? Our Estate Agents page provides you with top tips on how to do an estate agent’s job so that you can attract the maximum amount of buyers to your property. When it comes to intelligent property advice we’ve got it covered, with all the relevant links to contacts, organizations, and online services on the Indian property market.

Estate Agents - What do Estate Agents do?

A reputable estate agent will sell or rent a property on your behalf, negotiating between buyers and sellers and dealing with the related paperwork and legislation. The property vendor will discuss a potential property value with the estate agent and then an advertisement will be placed displaying the agreed asking price. Potential buyers will go through the real estate agent to arrange viewings and when a buyer has been found, the agent will negotiate the price, deal with solicitors and take the sale to its final conclusion.

HelpOnProperty readers should take note that the property price is not set by a property agent. Instead, a real estate agent will take an estimated value based on the property market which stems from the type of prices buyers are willing to pay at any given time. Ultimately the buyers dictate the price of your property and not the estate agent.

Property Valuations

Read on for invaluable property advice on how to set a property price yourself! You don't need a property agent to tell you what buyers are willing to pay for your property. You can make an educated decision yourself by doing a little research. Don't get carried away by inflating a price or undervaluing. By browsing through property sites, real estate agents' windows, and local property papers, you'll begin to understand how much you can ask for in order to sell your home. Soon you'll be able to share your property advice with others!

Property Papers

The majority of homeowners will advertise in the paper. To begin your research compare your house with others in the area and discover how much people are asking for?

The Estate Agents Window

Another way to gauge the average asking price is by looking at estate agents' windows. How do these prices compare to those in the papers? What are similar properties to yours valued at? You'll begin to get a feel for the property market and how your property relates to others.

Find a Professional Property Valuer

Take property valuation to another level and get impartial property advice from a professional. There are some organizations that can give an expert opinion on the price of your property and is the leading source of land, property, construction, and environmental-related information.

What Is The True Value Of Your Property? Is the asking price the selling price?

In most cases, the answer is no. In order to fully understand your area's property market, you must research the actual selling price of similar properties to yours. By doing this you'll understand whether prices are going up or down and you'll share the knowledge of many Real Estate Agents.

Online Estate Agents - How to find the right buyer?

Browse major Property Web Sites! - When it comes to appealing to the widest number of potential buyers, there are many aspects to take into consideration. Good presentation and choosing the right selling price are definitely important factors. However, none of these aspects are significant if you don't have a wide viewing audience. 

HelpOnProperty recommends that potential vendors take advantage of all the information available online. The online property sites listed above display around 90% of all the property on the market and are an excellent place to begin advertising. Put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers and compare your property with a huge list of buildings in the area on these online sites. By positioning your property amongst the competition you'll be able to find a suitable asking price that fits in with the current market. Once you feel confident, add your property to the sites and write a fitting description to reveal all the great things about your home.

Online Real Estate Agents - Other Useful Online Property Services

HelpOnProperty's effective online service allows you to find all the local real estate agents in your surrounding area and will reveal a list of current properties for sale. In addition, some online property websites on Google are great property portals with information on properties that are advertised through accredited member agents.

If you’re keen to sell via a real estate agent, you'll be better equipped to negotiate an asking price by researching the market through these useful online sites.

Services such as HelpOnProperty are dedicated to helping you find the right real estate agent for you and can assist with everything from providing a sale service for housebuilders to investing in property abroad. At some sites, you’ll find expert property advice on the best time to sell your property, as well as services that include finding a suitable estate agent in your area, progressing the sale on your behalf, vetting offers and achieving the best price possible for your property. With a 10 year history and a strong reputation for getting 'above average prices' for properties, they may very well be the answer to all your property prayers.

There is also an organization called RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) - visit their site for a whole range of useful information and a list of their accredited members.

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