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HelpOnProperty is a real estate investment company that also works as a property advisor; if you are willing to invest in property for returns, contact us today for the best investment deals. No matter how much you have, you can even start with a low budget. We have a group of small investors who want to invest in a property but they do not have enough money. We put together a group of small investors and buy a property on their behalf. Each investor gets a share in the property based on their investment.


HelpOnPropery has created an opportunity for clients to take advantage of an investment in leveraged commercial as well as a residential rental property. We provide small investors a platform where they get an opportunity to invest in high-quality commercial/residential rental properties.

HelpOnProperty is continually sourcing new opportunities in real estate, new and near new homes listed through Government and private reputated builders throughout India. 

Whilst there is plenty of properties it does not necessarily meet the HelpOnProperty standard to invest on. Issues such as resale value, capital growth, future zoning, infrastructure development, rental demand, and site sizing all play a major part in any property selection.

HelpOnPropery assists clients in selecting an appropriate property for investment in India.

Professional property managers have been appointed to secure tenants on behalf of clients. The property manager will manage the property on an ongoing basis. (You are in effect an absentee landlord.)

The tenant enters into a long-term lease and has no fear of the property being sold during the tenancy period.

Additionally, HelpOnProperty is also an online portal that helps you list and finds a property in the area of your choice. If any of your requirements do not exist in our database, we forward your request to our partner’s property dealers. It may happen that you have also visited these dealers before, in such cases, we also request you to let us know dealers that you have already visited. We will forward your request to the alternate dealer. Our main goal is to let you buy/rent/sell property fairly without any hidden charges and activities.

About Us

HelpOnProperty is a real estate investment company that helps you to find your next money-making project. Once we find a good investment property that gives the best returns, we immediately list it for our investors. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced investor we help you in making an informed real estate decision in today's market.

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HelpOnProperty does not guarantee any return to any person on the investment in any property listed on our website. Any decision to invest in real estate involves significant risks and may result in the loss of your capital. Make real estate investment decisions only after seeking independent legal, financial and business advice.